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Steam helps in excretion of body toxins and other impurities from the blood, steam after a massage is very effective.
The Benefits of steam bath :
  • Stress relief
  • Clearer skin
  • Better sleep
  • Cleaner lungs
  • A closer shave

Alleviate Stress

A steam bath can alleviate stress like nothing else...and that's especially important in our fast-paced society. The steambath offers a needed respite from the cares of the day. Its warm soothing mist gently embraces and calms you. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and feel your tensions just melt away.


Can't sleep? Take advantage of the steambath's relaxing effect by going to sleep after a regular steam session. The steambath will leave you in a peaceful, relaxed state, and you will probably find it much easier to doze off.


The steam's warmth opens up your pores, then flushes out the impurities in the form of perspiration. Your skin will look and feel great!


Relief from head or chest colds can be obtained in the steambath. Sinus and chest passages will open up, allowing you to breathe easier.


Shaving while sweating in a steambath yields an incredibly smooth result, without the use of gels or foams. This is equally true for your face and legs.


Sharing a steam session with friends can be a great way to spend an hour or so in relaxed conversation!


Increases blood flow, relives muscles contraction and also relives joint pain.

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International Massage

The massage is carried out with oil enveloped warm volcanic stones which are placed on key energy points on the body, evoking warmth, allowing the body to soak up the gentle heat.

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